2023-08-23 - Touch typing update

I've done it! I'm now consistently typing at about the same speed as I was before, only now I'm actually doing it the "proper" way—I was good at typing without looking at my keyboard before, but I feel like I made more typos than I do now (probably becuase I'm actually using the home row now).
Anyways, here's the monkeytype stats thing:
An image showing monkeytype.com stats with a words per minute (WPM) count of 86 and an accuracy of 97%
So yeah, didn't end up documenting much (not that there was much to document anyways) but that's the end of that, I'm not going to update on this specific topic anymore but I am hoping to keep updating more frequently than I have been (as I said in the previous update yesterday).

2023-08-22 - I'm still alive

I'm still alive! I know it's been a while (haven't updated in like, three months) but I'm still planning on working on this site and keeping it up to date. I've been busy with IRL things but I promise I haven't abandoned this site and I still want to work on it—tons of stuff still to do :)
Anyways, all that to say that I haven't abandoned the site, I've just been busy. I'm not sure when the next update will be but it'll happen when I can.

2023-05-26 - Touch typing

I decided yesterday that I'm going to try to learn to touch type. The method I use to type right now is pretty fast and I don't look at the keyboard much but I do sometimes and I feel like I make mistakes because the placement of my hands on the keyboard isn't really all that consistent. I've done a tiny bit of touch typing years ago, but not enough to be really comfortable with it or anything.
Here's my stats right now on monkeytype (left is how I usually type, right is touch typing; both of these are on my keyboard at work so I'm probably slightly faster on my mechanical keyboard at home):
An image showing monkeytype.com stats with a words per minute (WPM) count of 84 and an accuracy of 96% An image showing monkeytype.com stats with a words per minute (WPM) count of 38 and an accuracy of 96%
My hope is to get as quick at touch typing as I am at my current method, and hopefully that'll help me improve with my typos. I'll probably keep documenting my progress as I go :)

2023-05-16 - Finally set up an actual blog page!

I've finally gotten around to setting this up in a way that I think looks nice. I'll probably start writing posts occasionally about a bunch of different topics, I also decided to drop dreamwidth and just write these right in html because dreamwidth was more complicated and doing it that way forced me to host my blog on a separate platform, when what I really wanted was to host it all in the same place.

Also apparently the counter on my site is broken and isn't showing up now? I have no idea what that's about and I tried to have a look but idk what's wrong with it. something else to fix I guess