About me!

Hi there!

I'm meadowlark (any pronouns), the webmaster of this site. I'm a 21 yr old Canadian and I created this website as a way to share my hobbies and get away from the general status quo of social media; I wanted a place to express myself without being constantly tracked and advertised to, and building a website like this felt like a good way to achieve that (not to mention the added benefit of being able to fully customise, unlike social media pages). I have some experience with building websites in the past, so it wasn't a huge leap to do this, but it's still a learning experience (in the past I used Bootstrap but I'm building this site mostly from scratch).

In my free time I enjoy reading, gaming, watching TV/movies/anime and music (among other stuff). I'm planning on eventually creating pages for media recommendations and possibly reviews. In the meantime, you can count anything in the "What I'm up to" box as a sort of informal recommendation :3

Some fun facts about me:

  • I have 3 cats (I don't live with my them or my parents anymore but they're still my babies), a lizard, a fish and a bird
  • I'm fluent in French and English
  • I know a bit of guitar and ukulele, but I want to learn more instruments
  • I play D&D and am working on an entire homebrew world to DM in
  • I discovered Worm by Wildbow in summer 2022 and it's become one of, if not my favourite written work (as of writing this I'm a little under halfway through Pact, Wildbow's second serialized work)

Here's a button I made for myself (along with the code for it if you'd like to link to my page), I'm going to make a better one eventually but this one will work in the meantime :3

Where you can find me:

I use a few handles online, and the most common are meadowlark (or meadowlark314 if it's taken) and darjeeling (with variations on the spelling if it's taken).

Here are some of my friends:

  • WolfWind (My partner!)
    (Website is WIP)

  • (Website is WIP)

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